Hiring Process

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At Merrimack, we seek to hire people who not only have the technical skills to succeed here, but also share our values. Our interview process is designed to test three main areas.  Your overall fit with Merrimack’s culture and values, your level of technical skill, and your fit with the team you will be joining.  During this process, you have the opportunity to meet with a range of people within the organization, providing you with insight into what it’s really like to work at Merrimack.  We aspire to have an open and transparent process where you will be kept up to date on the process and given feedback on the interview outcome. 

You’re hired—what happens next?

Our onboarding program is a comprehensive process that occurs over your first three months at Merrimack and has four main objectives: to provide you with the basic information you’ll need to navigate successfully within Merrimack, to provide you with information on our mission, vision and portfolio, to help you build critical relationships across the organization and to clarify your role and responsibilities.  Our fundamental belief is that you often have to go slow before you go fast and understand the intricacies of the organization before jumping into your role.  It’s our job to provide you with the right amount of support to ensure your success.