Our People

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We work as a community of researchers, clinicians, and professionals seeking to make a difference in the lives of cancer patients. We operate in a multi-disciplinary, team based environment designed to support a culture of innovation on every dimension of research and care.  Our culture thrives on the values of passion, learning, teamwork, and authenticity.  Our people come from all over the world and have diverse backgrounds and experiences but share one mission; the promise of curing cancer

small_Portrait - Aurelie.jpg“What I love about Merrimack is that everyone here is united in their concern for patients - their safety, their pain and their sacrifices.  You can feel that everyone is engaged in a personal fight against cancer.” - Aurelie 


small_bart.JPG“The backbone of Merrimack is its commitment to high quality interdisciplinary science. I really appreciate the opportunity to work with tremendously bright and motivated people who bring very different skills and perspectives in a collaborative, fast paced and dynamic work environment.  The best insights emerge from the cross-pollination of ideas.   It makes me believe we can accomplish any goal we set our eyes on.” - Bart


small_Elena.jpg“Our teams are at the center of our work and bring together fully-dedicated people with all the key skills we need to move the program forward.  Bringing the key disciplines together makes it possible for all of us to benefit from our individual and collective creativity and to "learn from the experts" in a natural, organic way. The team approach allows us to arrive at innovative solutions and identify problems that would have remained hidden otherwise.” - Elena