The Value of Systems Thinking

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“Systems thinking has transformed fields of science as diverse as engineering, meteorology, and physics. In the same way, Systems Biology can transform precision medicine."

-Peter Sorger, Ph.D.

Peter Sorger, Ph.D. on Systems Biology

Peter Sorger is a Professor of Systems Pharmacology.  He is also the chair of the Council for Systems Biology and Co-Chair of the Initiative in Systems Pharmacology.

Systems biology is an interdisciplinary science that brings together biology, computing and engineering to create a new comprehensive understanding of how signaling networks govern cell behavior.
—Douglas Lauffenburger, Ph.D., Professor of Bioengineering; Systems Biologist
Systems thinking is the missing tool that will enable us to transform medicine through a more complete understanding of health and disease.
—Ursula Klingmuller, Ph.D., Professor of Systems Biology and Signal Transduction
When we study individual molecules we really study parts in isolation. Systems Biology is the science of putting the parts together to understand how the system works and where it goes wrong in disease.
—Peter Sorger, Ph.D., Professor of Systems Biology; Systems Biologist