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We believe that transforming cancer care requires the development of  integrated solutions that combine an ability to understand how cancers vary from patient to patient with novel therapeutics that address the underlying dynamics of tumor biology and anticipate the potential for resistance.  Our solutions take the form of new regimens that integrate more precise diagnostics with best in class combinations of therapeutics engineered to treat a specific biological mechanism of cancer. Learn more about our diagnostics and therapeutic candidates as they’re being used in the clinic in our regimen section or by product candidate in our pipeline section.



Merrimack is applying its novel diagnostics and therapeutics in the clinic through the development of regimens for specific tumor types. These regimens couple diagnostic and therapeutic combinations that are targeted to improve patient outcomes. Click below to learn more about our regimens.

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Product Candidates


Merrimack currently has six oncology therapeutics in clinical development, multiple product candidates in preclinical development and an active Systems Biology driven discovery effort. 

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